Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yes it's true No posts for a month and now 2 in a few days .... dont think i can keep this pace up but ...

Anyhoo just wanted to let you know that i am running the BUILD IT UP COMPETITION ROUND 2 at Scrapbook Capital - the best darn scrappin website on the net!!!!

Go over and check it out in the Competition section of the Forum - all the details are there.

Its fun, its easy and you can win a geat prize so be in it!!

Here is the card I made as an example - the requirement this week is PATTERNED PAPER - which you can see is the predominant element of this card

Now im off to check out Scrapbook Capitals shop because there is 15% off - already loooooooow prices until midnight!!!!


  1. look at you plugging away, Im loving it and I really aprreciate it too. I so love that card. Definetely going to get this done this time round, no excuses. Going to get stuck into my garlic prawns then im going to get started.... Have a happy Easter

  2. I am in ....=) ....Also big thank your for the b'day rak