Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy busy busy........

Cards from week 2 3 and 4 Build It Up Competition at Scrap Cap
Where does the time go? This seems to be an all too common catchcry these days. I know where it goes - too much work. Dont get me wrong i really enjoy my job, but sometimes there are just not enough hours to do all that you need to at work, then do stuff at home, breathe, sleep, eat and dont get me started on finding time for yourself ... and i dont have kids .. so you mums - how do ya do it?

Really have decided to not bring too much work home with me - only what absolutely must be done or the world will end( well at least the bus wont arrive for a sport day, a team wont have any players etc). And to devote a little time each day to me - havent been to the gym in nearly a month and i was so getting back into it, scrap or craft a little each day - even if it is just looking through a mag for inspiration or getting a few supplies out for a card. That hopefully will put me back on a more even home/work ratio.
This is a really busy term for me lots happening sportwise - District Cross Country, District Aths, 2 days of Year 6 round robin in 5 sports against 6 other schools - oh and i will have to write about 400 + reports in there sometime. Next term isnt so hectic so i am praying my feet actually touch the ground.

Craig accepted an overtime shift today at Phillip Island - think its at the races so i have already achieved some 'me ' time - read the saturday paper, checked out some scrap blogs and sites - SCRAP CAP was No. 1 on my list of course - MAY CYPERCROP IS UNDERWAY SO HEAD OVER - for some fun challenges

Now i am updating this - hang the housework - the world wont end will it ???!!!

Its a busy month birthday wise too with Craig's last Thursday - out to '81' for dinner - very nice, and my niece. Taylor's this Thursday, she turns 11. Plus of course Mother's day tomorrow - which is at my sister's so i only have to whip up a plate of yummy meatballs and yoghurt sauce and turn up- looking forward to relaxing there tomorrow. Have been making cards for Mother's Day during the week, used some premade creations for Taylor and Craig ( being a DT member at Scrap Cap has given me quite a stock of cards :) ) and sewing a beach cover up for my Mum - who claims she IS NOT wearing bathers on our cruise in July , so maybe this well encourage her!!! Hope to get some PJs whipped up for Taylor during the week - will see how i go . I am giving her , as one of her gifts, the handbag album i created for Lorrie's stall at the school fair , so i hope she likes it

Well now i better print off the other challenges for the CC at Scrap cap and then have a shower so i can take my Moses boy to the vet for his Catrophen shot ( to aid arthritis) and see if he has lost more weight - 820g so far !!!!
Have GREAT Mother's Day everyone xx


  1. Great cards Sharon. Hope things slow down for you soon.

  2. Great cards Sharon. Hope things slow down for you soon.

  3. I hear ya about being busy. There doesnt seem to be enough hours in the day lately.
    Im loving the BIU comp and definetely getting my card stash up.... looking forward to the next.

  4. i am having a little chuckle at your post...was a great read ....and i am hearing you ...TIME is a four letter word ..... but i guess you just have to be blessed that you are able to make/take the time to live life hey ...but does that help !!!!(NOT!)

  5. sharon, thanks to you i'm now loving card-making. and u r inspiring me to make cards that pop! keep up the good work - i look fwd to being inspired some more :)

  6. loving your BIU competition and as soon as I make the cards someone at work buys them, so more moola for the retreat.

    Loved you post had a good giggle at the too hell with the housework

    see you real soon my fine friend