Saturday, January 31, 2009

Phew - I survived my first days at work...and the heat!!

I started back at work on Wednesday, the first over 40 deg day, with a PD day.
The staff room is airconned but with 30 or so people in there it still gets a bit warm.
Thursday was 40 plus again and that started with a staff meeting , leadership meting, team meeting and then basically planning for the term , collecting supplies etc. As my office/rabbit warren(will have to take a photo and post so you can see how small it is) doesnt have air conditioning I headed to the staffroom to plan first terms program and get the swimming notices typed and printed.
Friday was planning again and team building activities - after a lunch we went bowling which, whilst fun, was quite warm!!
Havent really done much scrapping over the past few days but will get into it if the weather is a bit cooler at night next week. last week I basically lay semi submerged in the spa after work to cool off and decide if i really needed to cook dinner or if we could survive on salad again!

So glad the kids didnt start last week as it would have been a bit horrendous !!

Just caught up on housework this weekend, had a meal out with Craig's mum, sister and aunty, made my card for the Cybercrop challenge at SCRAPBOOK CAPITAL ( ON FEB 6TH...BE THERE) and will go to my sister's today to catch up with them and see Sedona the pup - who has put on 2.2 Kgs since last we saw him.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Day On The Green

Yesterday's Day On The Green at Rochford Winery was just super. We arrived at the conference centre in Mooroolbark about 2:30 and had time to check in - grab ice and a quick lunch before jumping on their shuttle bus at 3:30 which took us to the winery.

Gates were due to open at 4:30, so we thought we'd have about a 40 minute wait in the queue but they opened at about 4 and so we were in by about 4:15 or so, after a bag check for alcohol, sharp knives, glass etc.

Captain's Table girls were handing out complimentary dips and biscuits - good start!!

Then we realised that the ticket box , where we needed to pick up wrist bands for the "Rochford Club' area, was on the outside!

I waited with the bags, but this security guy( apologies to anyone who has a security person as a friend . relative etc) who obviously let the authority go to his wouldn't let Craig back out to get the bands "Cos its only one way traffic at the moment wait till it settles down a bit"...yeh sure in about 1 hour when people stop pouring in!!! He wasnt even going to budge when Craig explained we needed them to get into the club area - " No offence mate but there is a big sign saying box office " was his reply - even though Craig mentioned the Rochfords woman who had arranged it said to see her once we got inside at the ticket box!!!!
Once he went off somewhere another guy said - yeh no worries , so luckily that was the first and last minor drama for the day.

Great weather - good spot, some cruisy music - havent heard much of the Black Eyed Peas , but they were easy to listen too. I do like Paul Kelly and wish he had been on for a bit longer!! When Craig had mentioned that Leonard Cohen hasnt toured anywhere in 15 years and is 75, I thought hmmmm.... how good could this guy be??? But i was pretty impressed - he certainly still has a great voice and has written some very meaningful songs. We chatted to those around us, sipped our way through ...3 bottles of wine ...over 7 hours - so not too bad.( and a few litres of water of course)....and nibbled on cheese etc.

We were on the last shuttle bus for our accommodation venue - so it was well after 12 when we called it a night.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ah Friday

I have had a really lazy day so far - as my holidays wind to a close many days have been like that
I have eaten brekky outside and had a read of my Tim Winton 'The Riders" book - great short stories. Decided what to have for dinner- got out recipe and defrosting meat. Checked the Scrap Cap forum and had a few posts there. Played with Nitro - he is on his 'bunjy cord' outside - will have to put up a photo of that so you know what I am referring to!!
I have nearly finished a LO - so will go get that completed in a minute.

Oh, now I remember why I was kinda hanging around home for the day ...My sister and her family have recently acquired a gorgeous 8 week old Golden Retriever pup and whilst they/she is loving the new addition to the family , she did say she had not thought it through quite as well as she should as it is like having a baby in the house - early mornings, trying to get him to settle for sleep at night, watching that he doesn't eat anything he shouldn't etc etc.

Anyway they are 'crate training' him - to sleep in a big cage overnight so that he can always sleep inside the house at night - apparently he can stay in their all night at this age - as that's what it is for - and just like a baby once he is in there no matter how much he cries you are meant to leave him there.
During the day he obviously cant stay out in the yard on his own and as they have a cat and 'house rabbits' he cant be left free roaming in the house either . You cant put them in the crate during the day for more than about 1-2 hours or he will see it as a negative thing . So my sister is feeling like she cant really go out anywhere for long - unless her husband is home - daughter is not old enough to stay on her own either.
So i offered to go over and' pup watch' today if she needed a few hours to get out and about. So far - 2:45 p.m. I haven't heard anything so it might be time to do something useful with my day !!

Tomorrow Craig and I are off to The Yarra Valley to A Day On The Green at a Winery, we saw Jimmy Barnes there last year and he was awesome. This time it's Leonard Cohen ( one of Craig's faves), Paul Kelly and The Blackeyed Susans. Staying the night at a motel in Mooroolbark and coming home some time on Sunday. I love the Yarra Valley so it should be a good weekend. If i take some photos I will post them when i get back

More layouts

Just a few more layouts I have completed for Scapbook capital over the past week

The one on the right is a LO created for a photo swap challenge - using a photo of Nicole's baby boy Deacon I put this together for her

This one one is for the CJ theme competition- A different theme is set each week and you have until the end of the whole comp to enter your 10 entries - so be in it!!!

This LO was created using the What A Hoot Kaiser range

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Well here I am with my very own blog - not sure how I am going to get it looking as savvy as some I have seen but I am sure i will learn. Here is a LO i created recently after a trip to the zoo. I am on the Design team at Scrapbook Capital so will be able to show some of my creations for thst wooooonderful place here too

I did it

Wow i finally did it -set up a blog Not sure how to get photos etc on here yet or change the heading to a different font other than the ones they give you, but i am sure i will get thereHopefully some of my scrapping pals at Scrapbook Capital will visit when i am underway!!!