Saturday, January 31, 2009

Phew - I survived my first days at work...and the heat!!

I started back at work on Wednesday, the first over 40 deg day, with a PD day.
The staff room is airconned but with 30 or so people in there it still gets a bit warm.
Thursday was 40 plus again and that started with a staff meeting , leadership meting, team meeting and then basically planning for the term , collecting supplies etc. As my office/rabbit warren(will have to take a photo and post so you can see how small it is) doesnt have air conditioning I headed to the staffroom to plan first terms program and get the swimming notices typed and printed.
Friday was planning again and team building activities - after a lunch we went bowling which, whilst fun, was quite warm!!
Havent really done much scrapping over the past few days but will get into it if the weather is a bit cooler at night next week. last week I basically lay semi submerged in the spa after work to cool off and decide if i really needed to cook dinner or if we could survive on salad again!

So glad the kids didnt start last week as it would have been a bit horrendous !!

Just caught up on housework this weekend, had a meal out with Craig's mum, sister and aunty, made my card for the Cybercrop challenge at SCRAPBOOK CAPITAL ( ON FEB 6TH...BE THERE) and will go to my sister's today to catch up with them and see Sedona the pup - who has put on 2.2 Kgs since last we saw him.


  1. Welcome to blog land Sharon. Hope the weather eases up for you soon, glad to hear you survived your first week back at school.
    Hugs xx

  2. How was your 1st student day Sharon, all exciting and little teeny weeny preppies....
    can't wait till Friday, your card is gorgeous

  3. I had to got to school and it was horribly hot and humid

    from Tails