Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day with those you 'love'
We went out on Friday night for a nice dinner at a local restaurant as Saturday nights are busier and we often find the service and food can suffer sometimes
Scrap cap girls will have seen most of these love themed scrapping creations but here they are

I hope to get some scrapping done this afternoon as I havent scrapped all week!!
Did make a summer dress during the week though so i guess that makes up for it.

Two weeks back at work and boy that has flown. Much better now that the weather is a bit cooler, Y4-6 kids are doing Athletic skills, long jump, sprints, triple jump etc and the Y1s are concentrating of throw catch skills. We have organised a 2hour activity session for the whole school tomorrow morning so i will be busy setting that up first thing.

Not a lot else has been happening - just like everyone else in Victoria - watching in sadness at the devastation caused by the bushfires. Hopefully all those who survived will be given mountains of support to get their life back on track.


  1. love the stuff you have been rolling out Sharon. And thanks for coming yesturday and donating your card and cash to Sandie's Bush Fire card collection.

  2. love everything that you do ....great work ...keep up the great inspirations

  3. I LOVE those cards Sharon they are to die for.