Monday, April 6, 2009

WHERE HAVE I BEEN ?????????????????

Mmm long time no post huh?
Well that's the hectic life of a school teacher :)
Lets see what has been going on in my life the last month.

WORK WISE- Assessing the Year 1s in overarm throw, and teaching kicking skills, Y4-6 skills off high jump, relay and hurdles, conducted the school cross country races, district sports trials, meeting after meeting ... god i love them!!!, booked buses for all next term's events, had lunchtime newcombe games for my Y3 talented and enrichment students, running club sessions at recesses - geez no wonder i havent updated this blog!!!

HOMEWISE - Visited vet for 6 monthly check up for Oliver and Moses our senior pussos, clean bill of health
Moses has his weight down from 6.3 to 5.7kg - yay Moses.

Got them both microchipped on the councils microchipping day - $25 each
Nitro is already chipped.

Had a few nice dinners out in Berwick - 81, Ambrosia, The Courthouse.

Then off to Fedeles in Glen Waverley on my B'day for dinner. Craig gave me a scrapping voucher and some beautiful roses. Out with the family later in the week for dinner in Wantirna at The Top Paddock - spoilt with more pressies - Dvds, vouchers, books, perfume from the Body Shop, scrapbook mag subscription, and more.

Also have been getting a lot of scrapping done - the handbag album and LO for Lorrie for the Fair

April Cybercrop challenges at Scrap Cap

CJ challenges pages

Then the scrapping came to a halt when we got the Wii off Layby on Sunday ......... many hours spent playing Wii Sport - love bowling - I am sooo bad at baseball , getting there with the tennis and pretty good at golf - havent tried boxing. Love the Word Coach too and Big Beach Sports - where so far I have whopped Craig at Beach Volleyball -- and he plays very well IRL!!!

Spent ages - whislt Craig played a War game - looking up reviews of Wii games on the Internet. Just so i know what to buy!!
Really can get sucked into cant ya!!!!

This week on hols so have a few appointments to keep and have the family coming over for Easter Sunday for Lunch . Need to get into the garden to clean up a bit for that and cooking for the lunch is on the agenda too!!
There I think that makes up for not a lot of posting over the past month :)


  1. that must be fun doing year 1 assesments

    great scrapping ...and giggles about the Wii ....i think i would love one ...even though we have eyetoy ...and get a great work out

  2. Gorgeous stuff Sharon and Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. I love Wii and boxing is a great work out. Im pretty good at baseball but suck at golf, love the boxing and bowling too. Might have to check out the other gane you have with the VB.... I used to play daily (truely :) )
    Enjoy Easter and don't leave it too long for the next update... Oh you forgot to mention the BIU comp your running :)

  3. Welcome back to blogland Sharon. Hopefully the school holidays will give you some rest & relaxation from your hectic shedule.