Monday, October 4, 2010

.......................................Still Holidaying

Yep, enjoying a third week of hols thanks to some Long Sevice Leave. Term break was nice and relaxing, did most things i had planned but now i can get a few extra things ticked off the list and get some more LOs completed. Have been watching the Comm Games too so that has meant latish nights
Helped Craig's mum pack and clean up on Sunday, as she moves into her retirement village unit tommorow. Will be nice to have her closer rather than at Grantville.
Days are certainly longer now - amen to Daylight savings i say
Love that it is milder too, though that can change in a blink here in Melbourne !!!
Some of the Los i have completed over the holiday break are posted here


  1. WOW WEE! Sharon you really have been have a wonderful scrappen mojo going on! just love the loads of textures your bringing to your layouts! Glad your enjoy yourself and love seeing your doing fine :D
    {Hugs} Samiam

  2. Gosh I just love your work Sharon!! I'm not a flower person, but you make me want to go out and buy some, lol!