Monday, January 25, 2010


Above are some of my recent - well since my last post- creations - for Cybercrops ,challenges, gifts, a comp i actually won - yay!! and some just because creations.
Long time no post huh??? But i have been having a sensationally relaxing 5 week holiday so that probably excuses me. Have been doing a fair bit of blog hopping too and am just amazed at the talent around ... must add some of my faves to my blog list here so if you dont already visit them you can have a look too.
Our Christmas was good - low key and cruisy . Craig worked Christmas night, but he was going to work Christmas Day and Boxing day on day shifts so when they asked him to swap to the one night shift he did. It meant he could come and have lunch with my family and didnt have to head off until about 4:20 for his shift in Wonthaggi. I left Mum's at about 7 after a lovely day, celebrating, eating, drinking ( but only a glass or 2 as i was driving) and catching up with the family.
New Year was just spent at home, usually, at least for the past 3 years, we have had a dinner out with my sister and her family and sometimes my Mum. But this year they have the dog and wanted to see how he went with the fireworks and predicted storm, so they stayed home. We had a nice seafood salad and a big jug of Sangria and saw in the new year together - great views from the our house - fireworks over most of Melbourne can be seen!!
Since then i have had just the best holiday i can remember having in a long time.
Have slept in heaps, relaxed and read magazines, scrapping books, and read a whole novel - unheard of for me in such a short space of time . Really want to get back into fiction reading as i had forgotten how lost you can become in a good storyline. I usually just read professional publications( boring), magazines and non fiction during the working term as that way i dont lose track of what the story/plot was about when i dont pick up the book for a while !!!
Read a Mary Higgins Clark book - I'll Be Seeing You- really really good. Ordered a few more, by her, online today at Borders - free delivery and 20% off !!!

During the hols since Jan 1 I have also
- scrapped 10 LOs, 1 card and an OTP item
- culled my scrap mag collection
- gardened
- enjoyed lots of lovely lunches out and about
- visited Healsville Sanctuary
- had all the medical check ups i was due to have
- had the car serviced
- organised ( well nearly) bags of new scrap stash that were piling up at the door
- met up with girls i taught with about 20 years ago - we catch up 2 or 3 times a year
-enjoyed a few days with my neice when she stayed over - beading, Wii-ing, walking, talking, shes a great kid!!
- cleaned out the linen closet - donated towels, pillowcases and sheets to a cat rescue place
- did a miniscule amount of work for school- only what i had to
- chatted on some great scrap sites, joined a Cybercrop, some challenges etc
- spent lots of time with my 4 beautiful felines - ahh!!
- relaxed, relaxed, relaxed.

And it all ends tomorrow when i head back to work - sigh
We have 3 pupil free days and then the kiddos start back on the 1st of Feb.
Might post at the end of next week about how the first week has gone

I know i have said it before but i am gonna try to post at least every month and i have only missed December recently - i just cant find the time to post weekly or fortnightly as some lovelies do.

Bye for now


  1. great Lo share - and congrats on the win too ;)

    good luck with "back to school" I know I cant wait :P

  2. Woohoo so much eye candy Sharon, you have been a busy girl but they are all gorgeous. I love love the N.Y.E 2008 layout, just stunning!! Thanks heaps for the congrats, means a lot to me :)