Friday, October 23, 2009


Now dont get too excited .... the new addition is a feline!!
We picked up Grace, our new Bengal, about 3 weeks ago.
She was a breeding queen for the breeder that we got our precious boy Nitro from.
Grace is not Nitro's mother, but we saw lots of her kittens over the last couple of years and she was auper mother!!!
Grace is nearly 5 and has fitted in very well here. She is a little 'pocket rocket' but makes up for her small size with lots of attitude! The other cats have adapted well to another buddy in the house, though Nitty , who is the boss cat, took a fair while longer than the others. But now he and Grace tear around playing and raising mischief!!!
I am pretty sure she is going to enjoy her retirement home here!

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  1. Oh she is so beautiful I LOVE Bengal cats. So Gorgeous. We have a tabby who has the same colouring as the Bengal, but her spots are black (and not as large as the Bengal of course!!)